Best Diving Equipment Experiences Top 3

your quick guide to find your perfect Diving Equipment build on our experiences...

Interested in buying great diving equipment? According to our diving team and experienced customers, the following dive masks, BCDs and wetsuits are the best.

Please find below more information and links to suppliers. Off course we are not the resellers so please check your dealers latest information and conditions before buying your equipment. 

Best Diving Mask - Top 3:

The Cressi F1 is an extremely popular dive mask among our customers for both diving and snorkeling! The frameless design offers a wide field of view and a great fit for most faces. The silicone skirt is soft and flexible, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The CE certified tempered glass lens provides excellent visibility in all light conditions.

Favored by our scuba diving professionals! This Cressi mask is an overall favorite, as it is adaptable and comfortable to most face shapes. The classic Cressi design gives a great field of vision.

We love the range of cool, vivid colors! The ScubaPro Trinidad is sure to get you noticed 🙂

ScubaPro has designed the Trinidad as a lightweight mask and an extended range of vision. To loosen the strap, you simply push up on the buckle—it’s very quick and easy to do with one hand. You can remove the entire strap with a simple press which makes replacing it easy.

Best Diving BCD (Buoyancy Control Device / Compensator) - Top 3:

This one tops our list! Instead of having to have two BCD’s – One for travel, and one regular. The Hydros is everything you need for home and travel all in one BCD.

It folds down compactly and the travel backpack provided easily fits the Hydros Pro, mask, regulator, wetsuit – basically your entire dive kit, and it has a clip to attach your fins to the outside.

It’s also easy to repair as virtually all components can be user replaced without the need for stitching them onto the BC.

Key features:

– Injected moulded gel harness

– Customizable/Modular design

– Detachable integrated weights system

– Travel backpack included

Are you looking for a solid jacket-style BCD? According to our team this BCD will get the job done for years to come and it’s comfortable enough for long dives or hours spent in confined (if you’re a professional).

Key features:

– Simple, minimalist, and rugged design

– Integrated with carrying handle

– Padded support keeps pressure off spine

– Easy adjust shoulder, chest, and waist straps

– Integrated inflator

The Cressi Start is a jacket BCD. It offers adjustment possibilities that allow first-time BCD owners and experienced divers to find the right fit easily. The overall build is sturdy and will last you for a long time. Despite all these great features, it’s very affordable!

Key features:

– Easy adjustments

– Durable build

– Large handle to carry BCD

– Great for rental shops

– Simple, integrated weight system

Best Diving Wetsuits - Top Summer & Top Winter:

1. For Red Sea summertime: Cressi Tortuga 2.5mm

This shorty wetsuit is ideal for warmer waters and for diving and snorkeling. Made with 2.5mm double-lined neoprene, offering maximum comfort and thermal protection for all water sports.

The back zipper closure is attached to a pull-tab leash to ease donning and doffing. It has an anatomic cut neck closure. Provides abrasion, exposure and UV protection.

According to our customers a flexible wetsuit that feels soft against the skin.

It is made from X-Foam, a petroleum-free, limestone neoprene. Built with the Body Map System, for special tailoring and material inserts to compensate for the stresses of the human body.

Ultraspan chest panel and Stretchtec side panels work together to produce a highly flexible and snug fit.

Infrared (IR) fleece interior lining reflects body heat for extra thermal insulation and is extremely soft against the skin.

Best Diving Gifts - Top 3 :